Pinch Pots

On Friday we made our pinch pots. We watched this video to see how it was done.

Then it was our turn to make them. we needed to mould and ‘smush’ the clay to make it pliable to be able to make a round ball. Lots and lots of we used a no bake clay we let them dry before painting.On Monday we painted them with normal school paints.

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Public Speaking Term 4

3D sumo fighters

Dear Parents/Carers Public Speaking S1/2W

This term S1/2W are concentrating on giving mini speeches to the class. The only thing they will have with them is palm cards with their speech outlined on them.

1. Research the topic that is given you for the week.
2. Planning your speech



Framework – Beginning, middle, end

An introduction.
Make an impact and grab your audience with a short introduction to your topic. It may be a question or a short story about something you have experienced.
Use your voice to emphasise a point, but still be natural.
Contains the message, goes into detail, put across your ideas and opinions.
Speak on 2 or 3 points – too many leads to unrelated ideas and a big mess.
Link your ideas together so that they flow.
Pause at relevant points – this allows your ideas to sink in.
Be confident, don’t mumble, and vary your voice and the speed.
Summing it up – bringing all of your ideas together in a brief summary.

Remain confident
Maintain eye contact
Use palm cards – however don’t write out your whole speech – point form only to jog your memory. They are only to be glanced at.
Practise, but not to the extent where you sound like a robot.

Week 3- Tokyo
Week 5- Great Wall of China
Week 7- Festivals of China or Japan
Week 9 – Your choice but it MUST be about China or Japan.

timetable for Public Speaking

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Fun with Technology

We have lots of fun using technology in our class. Here we are creating pictures using PowerPoint. After the grid picture is complete, backgrounds will be added.

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Raining in the Classroom

Well today it was raining in our classroom. Well not really, but we had lots of fun with our cloud experiment.

First we watched “Where does rain come from?” on the ABC Splash website.

Clouds - water cycle


The sun heats the water in our rivers, lakes and oceans, turning some of it into steam, like the steam made by boiling water. This steam goes up into the sky, where it turns into clouds. As more and more steam goes up the clouds get heavier and turn grey. When the clouds get too heavy to stay in the sky, they break up and fall back to the land as rain, hail or snow. This happens over and over again, so it’s called the water cycle.





Next came our fun!

We needed to:

Fill a cup with water.

Put shaving cream on top for a cloud.

Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains!

Then put food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain.

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Descriptive Writing

On Monday afternoons we have been fortunate to have had Mrs Nicole Dunn (speech therapist) come into our room to help us with our descriptive writing. The activity we did this week was lots of fun. We had drawn a monster and then written a description of it. We needed to read our description to our partner who then needed to draw it. Next we compared our drawings to see how they were similar. Great way of checking on our descriptive writing.

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As part of our Australian studies we are looking at significant places in Australia. Uluru stands out for more than one reason.
Today we made a gorgeous art work depicting the many colours of the rock. We blended different colours to give it a natural lighting effect.
Some of us then used the app , photo mappo, to find out whereabouts Uluru is situated in Australia. Enjoy.

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Tasmanian Tiger Chatter Kids