Fun with Technology

We have lots of fun using technology in our class. Here we are creating pictures using PowerPoint. After the grid picture is complete, backgrounds will be added.

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Raining in the Classroom

Well today it was raining in our classroom. Well not really, but we had lots of fun with our cloud experiment.

First we watched “Where does rain come from?” on the ABC Splash website.

Clouds - water cycle


The sun heats the water in our rivers, lakes and oceans, turning some of it into steam, like the steam made by boiling water. This steam goes up into the sky, where it turns into clouds. As more and more steam goes up the clouds get heavier and turn grey. When the clouds get too heavy to stay in the sky, they break up and fall back to the land as rain, hail or snow. This happens over and over again, so it’s called the water cycle.





Next came our fun!

We needed to:

Fill a cup with water.

Put shaving cream on top for a cloud.

Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains!

Then put food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain.

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Fun with Photo Apps

On Friday, most of Year 3 from our class and Year 4 from Mr Piggott’s  class went to the Junior Touch Gala Day, so we had Year 2,3,4 and 5 in our classroom. A brilliant day with everyone getting along and producing some great work.

As part of the day S1/2W were given the iPads and asked to come up with some extraordinary enhancements of their kangaroos.This is the result from some of them.

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Kangaroo Activities

Mrs Tolhurst is the visiting teacher in our classroom at the moment and we have been learning about one of Australia’s magnificent animals – the kangaroo.

On Thursday we had many groups happening at once.Dot painting of kangaroos was a favourite. We were able to admire the elegance of Aboriginal dot painting in its many forms, and then we made our own. Other activities included book research on the Kangaroo, supplemented with research on the internet to fill out a graphic organiser that will eventually lead to an information text about Kangaroos.Others created a kangaroo habitat using art rage as their images they create will be inserted into their final piece of work.While the last group took photos of their dot painted kangaroo and created a word photo using the iPads.

The best part was how all of the students co-operated and helped each other to have a truly memorable day.

Thank you Mrs Tolhurst.

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Descriptive Writing

On Monday afternoons we have been fortunate to have had Mrs Nicole Dunn (speech therapist) come into our room to help us with our descriptive writing. The activity we did this week was lots of fun. We had drawn a monster and then written a description of it. We needed to read our description to our partner who then needed to draw it. Next we compared our drawings to see how they were similar. Great way of checking on our descriptive writing.

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As part of our Australian studies we are looking at significant places in Australia. Uluru stands out for more than one reason.
Today we made a gorgeous art work depicting the many colours of the rock. We blended different colours to give it a natural lighting effect.
Some of us then used the app , photo mappo, to find out whereabouts Uluru is situated in Australia. Enjoy.

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Jellyfish, Jellyfish, Jellyfish

Today we had a jellyfish day. We started the day making gorgeous paper bag jellyfish Then they were photographed on our sea , researched, wordfoto made and then a chatterpix created. Lots of fun today.








IMG_8120 IMG_8121
IMG_8126 IMG_8125
IMG_8122 IMG_8123

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